What will be your new normal?

As many of us plan for the kickstart of various aspects of our lives, including live meetings of our Lodges without restrictions, are we expecting things to return to what they were? Or are we taking the opportunity to do something different, something better? What will be your new normal?

At the start of the pandemic I saw this as a period in my life I would never have again. An opportunity. A chance to rest and create. I started writing a book and I changed my daily routine.

It wasn’t long before I started delivering online talks. 132 talks later I now have a worldwide audience of over 4,000 – and that includes you.

I am now thinking of how I will build on this experience and continue to reach people I could never have reached 18 months ago. There are a number of possibilities, including hybrid meetings, a new platform and even a regular Masonic chat show.

So, please would you help by completing this 2-minute poll, to tell me how you would like me to deliver my talks, and possibly other work, in a post-pandemic future.

Incidentally, if you would like to arrange a talk from me for your Lodge, Province, District, Light Blues Club or other Masonic association, please click on the following button.

Finally, I want to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who has made a donation to my charity fund during the pandemic. So far we have raised £22,087. My efforts to raise money for the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) continue and, with your help, we may be able to hit £25,000. If you would like to support the MCF, please click the following button to make a donation.

However you plan to kickstart your life once restrictions are eased, with whatever changes you are making, I wish you well.

Oh, and please look out for my book.

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