A fundraising milestone

I wanted to share with you a fundraising milestone, passed today thanks to donations received from those attending my latest talk. The total raised for charities from my Masonic talks since 2012 has passed £90,000. In fact it currently stands at £90,027.37. Over £87,000 of this came from my Prestonian Lecture and other Masonic talks,Continue reading “A fundraising milestone”

Exactly when do we stop saying “Happy New Year”?

I was asked this question very recently and came up with the answer, “On the Ides of January.” Already Christmas and the New Year are long behind us and 2021 is well under way. In the last few days, my daughter Caroline graduated Master of Laws from City, University of London, and I was veryContinue reading “Exactly when do we stop saying “Happy New Year”?”

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happier 2021

Twelve months ago none of us could have imagined we would be where we are now! You don’t need me to tell the story because we have all been there and we are all still making our way through the difficulties presented by Covid-19. Yet, despite all the tragedies and losses and difficulties we areContinue reading “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happier 2021”

Keeping going during Covid-19

Getting through the first six months of Covid-19 was one thing. Overall we seemed to adapt very well. Many rushed to help others and it is great to see the delayed Queen’s Birthday Honours List recognise so many ordinary people for their extraordinary efforts. As we face increased rather than relaxed restrictions it all seemsContinue reading “Keeping going during Covid-19”

Launching my Masonic Talk YouTube channel

After a lot of thought, this week I set up a YouTube channel – predictably called “W Bro. Tony Harvey” – to share some of my Masonic talks. If you couldn’t attend a talk live, please go to my channel, http://bit.ly/2012Videos”. I would be really pleased if you would also “subscribe” (so that you can keep up to date with new uploads) and if you would indicate whether or not you like the talk.