A fundraising milestone

I wanted to share with you a fundraising milestone, passed today thanks to donations received from those attending my latest talk.

The total raised for charities from my Masonic talks since 2012 has passed £90,000. In fact it currently stands at £90,027.37.

Over £87,000 of this came from my Prestonian Lecture and other Masonic talks, the proceeds of which are divided between The Scout Association Heritage Fund and the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The rest came from my Cornwallis Lecture and my Mike Baker Memorial Lecture, the proceeds of which go to Kent Museum of Freemasonry and the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund.

Other Masonic fundraising activities – such as “The 2017 MBF Walk”, “Bill Summ’s Masonic Songs” and “Old Men & their Mountains” have raised a further £13,013.14.

The total raised for charity since 2012 amounts to £103,040.51. Full details can be found on my charity page.

My reason for announcing this today are:

  1. Those who have donated deserve to know.
  2. To thank those who have supported me and my charities in all these endeavours.
  3. To give us all a reason to celebrate our collective efforts.

So, to everyone who has booked me to give a talk, endured my planning and delivery, attended one of my talks, stayed throughout one of my talks, supported and encouraged me in so many ways, sold my books, bought my books, read my books, driven me to venues, put me up in their homes and in any other way contributed to or supported my fundraising activities.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

And of course, I have to say – because I wouldn’t be much of a fundraiser if I didn’t – if anyone wishes to make a donation, please use the button below:

To find out more about my talks and books, including how you can book and how you can buy, please go to:

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