Yes, they had something to give in the cause of charity

We have all been in the awkward position of having to answer “No” when asked that question.  I am pleased to say that the brethren attending my talks have responded with a loud “Yes.”

So far, you have donated £5,045.01 to my Prestonian charity fund.  With the expected gift-aid of £1,058.75, this will make a total of £6,103.76.  As I promised, all of this is going to the MCF Covid-19 Community Fund.  £5,065.01 has been paid over so far and the rest will follow when it clears into my Relief Chest. 

These sums have also contributed to the following Festival totals:

  • Durham 2021
  • West Lancashire 2021
  • Leicestershire & Rutland 2022
  • Oxfordshire 2022
  • Derbyshire 2025
  • West Kent 2026

I have delivered 30 talks online since the middle of April.  Twenty of those were for groups that fall within areas that could benefit from the MCF.  The brethren attending on those occasions were asked if they would donate.  271 individual donations have been made.


I want to say a very big “thank you” to the organisers and attendees of my online talks for their generosity and support.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to Everything received from Masonic sources during Covid-19 will go to the MCF Covid-19 Community Fund.

Your feedback

Last week I asked you for some feedback.  Thank you to everyone who responded.  The feedback has been very positive and encouraging.  In summary, it said, “Keep on doing what you are doing”.  Welcome to the 109 brethren who have joined my list since last week and who will receive this weekly update.

Looking back

So, looking back over the last week, the highlight was my “Narrative and symbolic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal Arch” talk for Freemasons without Borders on Tuesday and my “Seven habits of highly successful Lodges” talks for the Province of West Kent (Thursday) and the District of South America Northern Division (Saturday).  Thank you to the organisers and attendees for all you did.

Between these I have had numerous planning meetings for future talks, when I get to know the brethren concerned, plus some really interesting coaching work for my clients.

Looking forward

All my upcoming talks are listed here.  In the next week I have two deliveries of “How to grow the membership of your Lodge” for Oxfordshire Light Blues Club (Tuesday) and Bedfordshire Light Blues Club (Thursday).

Thank you again.  Have a good week.  I know I will!

Onwards and upwards.

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