Upcoming talks

I welcome invitations to deliver talks, whether face-to-face or online, to Lodges, Chapters and other Masonic groups in any jurisdiction recognised by UGLE, in any location or timezone.

The following is what I have booked currently. Please note, I expect these to increase as Lodges develop their plans post-pandemic.

To attend, please click on the link in the title which will either take you to an online registration form or create an email to the organiser.

DateUK timeFace-to-face / OnlineTitleHost Province / District & Grand Lodge
13/01/2218.15Face-to-faceA Lodge review: what, why and how? Semper Fratres 4467Province of Nottinghamshire, UGLE
26/01/2217.00Face-to-faceWhat is Freemasonry’s fascination with completion?Euclid Chapter of First Principals 7464Metropolitan Grand Chapter, SGC
31/01/2217.30Face-to-faceThe historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchWarwickshire Installed Mark Masters Lodge 1400Province of Warwickshire, GLMMM
02/02/2218.15Face-to-faceThe journey ahead: what does Freemasonry have in store for me?Hartington Lodge 1085Province of Derbyshire, UGLE
03/02/2217.00Face-to-faceHow to grow the membership of your LodgeRed Scarf Lodge 8448
(A return to Red Scarf Lodge 10 years after I made the first delivery of my Prestonian Lecture to the Lodge, on 4/2/2012)
Metropolitan Grand Lodge, London, UGLE
09/02/2219.30Face-to-faceThe historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchWolverhampton Masonic Study Circle (The Jack Bryan Memorial Lecture)Province of Staffordshire, UGLE
11/02/2218.00Face-to-faceThe future of Freemasonry: evolution & changeWest Surrey Installed Masters’ 9902Province of Surrey, UGLE
23/02/2218.15Face-to-faceIs belief in a Supreme Being really essential? Column Lodge 5813East Lancashire, UGLE
25/02/2219.00Face-to-faceWhat is Freemasonry’s fascination with completion? Cumberland & Westmorland Installed Principals’ Chapter 8071Province of Cumberland & Westmorland, SGC
26/02/2216.30Face-to-faceFinding the key to the Royal ArchNorth Sussex First Principals’ Chapter 8296Province of Sussex, SGC
01/03/2219.00Face-to-faceBack to the future: Freemasonry from 1972 to 2072Prorsum Semper (Gloucestershire LBC)Province of Gloucestershire, UGLE
07/03/2219.00OnlineFinding the key to the Royal ArchThe Masonic CircleFacebook Group
09/03/2217.00Face-to-faceThe future of Freemasonry: evolution and changeFleet River Lodge 8107Metropolitan Grand Lodge, London, UGLE
11/03/2218.30Face-to-faceThe future of Freemasonry: evolution and changeUnity Lodge 4841Province of Derbyshire, UGLE
23/03/2219.00Face-to-faceScouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations? (The 2012 Prestonian Lecture)Oldham DistrictProvince of East Lancashire, UGLE
24/03/2218.15Face-to-faceThe historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchShropshire Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge 9971Province of Shropshire, UGLE
25/03/2218.30Face-to-faceThe Royal Arch: what is it all about?Vulcan Lodge 4382Province of Derbyshire, UGLE
08/04/2218.45Face-to-faceFreemasonry in a post-Covid worldBaines Lodge 7844Province of West Lancashire, UGLE
13/05/22 18.00Face-to-faceThe historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchLodge of Concord 323Province of Cheshire, UGLE
17/05/2218.00Face-to-faceScouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations? (The 2012 Prestonian Lecture)Salford Ionic Lodge 3248Province of East Lancashire, UGLE
22/06/2218.00Face-to-faceTBANorth Notts Masters’ Lodge 9525Province of Nottinghamshire, UGLE
01/07/2218.00Face-to-faceTBACentenary Lodge MMM 1623Province of Worcestershire, GLMMM
17/10/2218.00Face-to-faceThe future of Freemasonry: evolution & changeLodge of Golden Fleece 2081Province of Leicestershire & Rutland, UGLE
03/11/22Face-to-faceTBAOld Salfordians’ Lodge 7968Province of East Lancashire
01/06/2317.00Face-to-faceThe historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchLondon Mark Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge 1870Province of London, GLMMM
19/07/23OnlineResearching and preparing a Prestonian LectureThe Waikato Lodge of Research 445Grand Lodge of New Zealand

I am very grateful to those who have made comments on my talks, some of which can be found here.

Attendance at most of the online talks is handled by the Eventbrite booking system. Please use the buttons below to book to attend via Eventbrite. If the date you want is not listed on Eventbrite, the host will be using their own booking system. In such cases please email me for details.

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