Upcoming talks

I am currently booked to deliver the following talks online. To attend, please click on the booking link in the title and complete the registration.

DateUK timeTitleHost Province / District / Grand Lodge
7/12/2019.00What is Freemasonry’s fascination with completion?East Lancs Prov G Officers 3747 & East Lancs Prov G Stwds 8408 East Lancashire Royal Arch
8/12/2017.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesDurban IML 9642 & Athenaeum LoR 7455KwaZulu-Natal
12/12/2014.00The journey ahead: what does Freemasonry have in store for me?Aldwych Lodge 3096MetGL London
14/12/2017.00The historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchMark & Royal Arch Districts of KwaZulu-NatalMark & Royal Arch Districts of KwaZulu-Natal
16/12/2020.00The secret of FreemasonryRutland Lodge 1179Derbyshire
07/01/2119.00The journey ahead: what does Freemasonry have in store for me?The Foundation ClubSurrey
13/01/2116.00Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Virtual Order of Sapere Aude 130Virtual Order of Sapere Aude
14/01/2119.00What is Freemasonry’s fascination with completion?West Lancashire Royal ArchWest Lancashire Royal Arch
20/01/2116.00The future of Freemasonry: evolution & changeVirtual Order of Sapere Aude 134Virtual Order of Sapere Aude
25/01/2119.00Freemasonry: does it live up to expectations?Scoutcraft Lodge 9936Bristol
27/01/2116.00Is belief in a Supreme Being really essential?Virtual Order of Sapere Aude 138Virtual Order of Sapere Aude
28/01/2119.00ReservedCheshire MMFCheshire
30/01/2113.30Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Trans Oceanic Masonic Study CircleTrans Oceanic Masonic Study Circle
03/02/2116.00The secret of FreemasonryVirtual Order of Sapere Aude 141Virtual Order of Sapere Aude
04/02/2119.00Finding the Key to the Royal ArchWest KentWest Kent
09/02/2119.00What is the Royal Ark Mariner degree?Prov G L MMM DevonshireMark Province of Devonshire
10/02/2119.00The historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchSomerset Craft, Mark & Royal Arch ProvincesSomerset
12/02/2103.00Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?South Valley Lodge 187District 341, Grand Lodge of California
18/02/2119.00All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry (but didn’t know how to ask)Cheshire MMFCheshire
27/02/2116.30What is Freemasonry’s fascination with completion?North Sussex First Principals’ Chapter 8296Sussex
16/03/2119.30The narrative and symbolic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchRound Table & Rotary Lodge M.M.M. 1630Mark Province of Staffordshire & Shropshire
17/03/2119.00The narrative and symbolic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchSomerset Craft, Mark & Royal Arch ProvincesSomerset
18/03/2119.00The journey ahead: what does Freemasonry have in store for me?Cheshire MMFCheshire
22/04/2119.00The secret of FreemasonryCheshire MMFCheshire

I am very grateful to those who have made comments on my talks, some of which can be found here.

I am very happy to accept invitations to deliver these and other talks to Masonic groups in any jurisdiction recognised by UGLE in any location or timezone.

Attendance at most of the above talks is handled by the Eventbrite booking system. Please use the buttons below to book to attend via Eventbrite. If the date you want is not listed on Eventbrite, the host will be using their own booking system. In such cases please email me for details.

Subject to Masonic meetings resuming and me being able to attend in person, I am booked to deliver the following talks live in Lodges.

15/12/2020How to grow the membership of your Mark LodgeDuke of Connaught Lodge MMM 246
18/01/2021Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Florence Nightingale Lodge 706
10/03/2021TBA –  (Alan Beavis 50th anniversary) Semper Fidelis Lodge 5052
15/03/2021Have we anything to communicate?Dunckerley Lodge 3878
18/05/2021Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Salford Ionic Lodge 3248
03/06/2021The historic links between the Craft, the Mark & the Royal ArchLondon Mark ProvGStwds Lodge
04/06/2021The future of Freemasonry: evolution & changeCumberland & Westmoreland Installed Principals’ Chapter
06/10/2021Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Mandate Lodge 4258
29/10/2021The future of Freemasonry: evolution & changeBristol Installed Masters’ Lodge 8168

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Thank you.

Tony Harvey