What people say about Tony’s talks

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but found the presentation to be enjoyable, easy to relate to and thought provoking.” IN, 26/11/20 (Email)

“I totally enjoyed the talk from Tony. I will be joining in the coming months on more talks.” CF, 25/11/20 (Email)

“Thank you for a fantastic talk! It was excellent!” JH, 24/11/20 (Chat)

“Brilliant talks Tony, please keep up the good work.” GC, 24/11/20 (JustGiving)

“Tony is a real ambassador.” KH-Y, 24/11/20 (Just Giving)

“I really enjoyed your lecture – it was very interesting and you made your points very well.” TH, 24/11/20 (Email)

“Thank you for a most mentally stimulating and enjoyable talk Tony. Looking forward to the next one!” JO, 18/11/20 (Chat)

“I think your talks are brilliant and a pleasure to listen to.” GC, 18/11/20 (Chat)

“Thank you very much, Worshipful Brother, it was a great talk and I enjoyed it very much.” JH, 18/11/20 (Chat)

“Brother Tony thank you very much for once again brilliant speech.” MX, 18/11/20 (Chat)

“Looking forward to hearing your consummate erudition to be delivered in excellent style as always.” GF, 16/11/20 (Email)

“I had the honor and privilege to attend your presentation this past weekend. I enjoyed it immensely and it was well received by the prospective candidates that I spoke with.” DB, 16/11/20 (Email)

“What an amazing afternoon with @Prestonian2012 at the @PaleBlueClubFFW Open Social Zoom. Great talk Tony and fantastic to see so many potential candidates and new masons thoroughly enjoying your talk.” CC, 14/11/20 (Twitter)

“Thank you @Prestonian2012 for a fabulous talk on #Freemasonry suitable for those enquiring and our new candidates.  And for fielding questions!” LA, 14/11/20 (Twitter)

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation today.  You were truly brilliant and I know all the women loved and appreciated you.” LE, 14/11/20 (Email)

“I had the privilege to attend an online learning session with WBro. Tony over the weekend and found his presentation to be exceptional.” LC, 14/11/20 (Email)

“That you for an interesting presentation.  Once again, I thought your talk was very clear & precise.  I do enjoy your talks and I thank you.” RS, 14/11/20 (Chat)

“Thank you Tony. You Have been really helpful and I am happy and grateful.” FC, 14/11/20 (Chat)

“Thank you, Tony, for a truly wonderful Masonic talk on a very critical and important topic, which was so well received as evidenced by the questions that followed your talk.” DZ, 12/11/20 (Email)

“Inspiring as always, Tony!  Many thanks for the hard work.” MA, 9/11/20 (JustGiving)

“Thank you, Tony, for your most illuminating lecture.” CE, 6/11/20 (JustGiving)

“Excellent presentation and Q&A.  Thank you so much Tony!!” JW, 4/11/20 (Chat)

“Excellent lecture and fantastic conversation!  Thank you Brother!” VM, 4/11/20 (Chat)

“This was a superb Lecture, one that Mike Baker would have been impressed by.” AT, 4/11/20 (Twitter)

“A very interesting and enlightening presentation and confirmed my own thoughts on the way ahead.  Many thanks.” BM, 4/11/20 (JustGiving)

“Your presentation last night was brilliant, very slick, professional and informative.  Several brethren have contacted us to say how much they enjoyed it.” MD, 4/11/20 (Email)

“A pleasure to have you with us Tony.  Many thanks for a first class and inspiring presentation – enjoyed by us all.” RV, 4/11/20 (Twitter)

“It was a fantastic talk.  Thank you so much Tony.” Cubit Club (Worcs), 4/11/20 (Twitter)

“Great contribution towards better Lodge behaviour.” JS, 3/11/20

“Wonderful talk – very much enjoyed” MH, 3/11/20

“Excellent presentation and very thought provoking.” DR, 3/11/20

“Tony, very many thanks for a very interesting talk and indeed for your various answers to the questions posed.” IF, 3/11/20

“Many thanks for this evenings lecture.  It has given me some good grounding for my future as the new Chapter Mentor.” Anon, 2/11/20

“Congrats, the lecture was excellent, very informative. I will join the next events.” JT, 2/11/20

“Really enjoyed tonight’s talk, very interesting and I am sure will have enthused Brethren to consider joining the Royal Arch.” PP, 2/11/20

“Thank you Tony another excellent Lecture. Stay safe and well hope to see you in the not too distant future.” TH, 2/11/20

“Thank you very much Tony for the great experience you gave me tonight! Very interesting and it has fortified my idea to join the Royal Arch.” GDF, 2/11/20

“Wonderful as always Tony. Many many thanks!” MA, 2/11/20

“Thank you for another fantastic lecture, thoroughly enjoyable and very insightful.” KS, 2/11/20

“It was a super talk by E Comp. Harvey. He explained clearly and concisely things it took me 40 years to learn!” SB, 30/10/2020

“Your talk provided a wonderful opportunity to bring me some understanding.” JS, 30/10/2020

“Really enjoyed the event. Lots of interesting material to digest. Thank you.” GL, 29/10/2020

“May I offer my own personal thanks to you for your excellent and informative presentation delivered to the Brethren and Companions.” “It was excellent as we all knew it would be.” RB, 29/10/2020

“Another excellent talk by W Bro. Tony Harvey.  Anyone not in the Royal Arch should consider joining this.” APGP, 29/10/2020

“I … thought the lecture was outstanding.  The answers to the questions also brought up points not often covered.” GR, 29/10/2020

“Excellent and informative talk and discussion, Tony.” MQF, 28/10/2020

“An interesting insight for those interested in orders beyond the three degrees of The Craft.” NF, 28/10/2020

“I thought the event was excellent and all queries which we posed whilst I was online were handled superbly.” ME, 28/10/2020

“I was glad to have been able to attend last night and listen to your lecture which many clearly felt was thought provoking in many ways. Let’s hope that those who heard what you had to say will go back to their Lodges and put at least some of into practice.  I am sure Mike would be delighted not just that a lecture has been named in his honour but that you kicked things off in such fine style.” RW, 27/10/2020

“I really enjoyed it, thank you and well done.” SD, 27/10/20

“What a super lecture last evening and a great tribute to Mike Baker. You were at your inimitable best and whoever follows you will have a hard act to follow…..!” RO, 27/10/20

“Tony, well done last evening.  A very enlightening and informative presentation which I found to be of great interest and most helpful.” AW, 27/10/2020

“Sincere congratulations on a triumphant first Mike Baker Memorial lecture.  It was coherent and thought provoking.  You had obviously put a tremendous amount of work in.  I am sure that our PGM will have been delighted with both the content and the large attendance.” JL, 27/10/2020

“Please keep up with excellent lectures.” DF, 27/10/2020

“Thank you for a most inspiring, educational and enjoyable lecture last evening.  I will, today, place an order for your lecture booklet.” “Mike Baker has been served well and proudly done!” PL, 27/10/2020

“Excellent presentation, enjoyable but thought provoking.” AB, 26/10/2020

“A sincere thank you for a most informative and thought provoking lecture.  I never knew Mike Baker personally, but I’m sure he is smiling down on us all.” KH, 26/10/2020

“Thanks for a superb evening.  Well done.” IC, 26/10/2020

“Archie, Tony and everyone involved in putting this together…Thank you very much.  A most enjoyable and informative talk.  Much to think about.  Mark Well Brethren.” AW, 26/10/2020

“Tony, thank you for an interesting presentation.  Not just for the imparting of knowledge and ideas but for generating enthusiasm and rekindling interest in the Mark Degree during this difficult period when Recruitment is a challenge and Retention is of paramount importance.  Looking forward to receiving your booklet in due course.” TQ, 26/10/2020

“Thank you Tony, Excellent.” DW, 26/10/2020

“Tony, you’ve done Mike Baker proud. Well done, and I’m looking forward to reading the book!  Thank you for such an engaging talk.” NM, 26/10/2020

“Thank you for having a Yorkshireman on the call. Excellent session.” JN, 26/10/2020

“Many thanks Tony for a great lecture and a clear way forward.” TT, 26/10/2020

“Great lecture and Q & A session. Thank you to all involved in putting the meeting together.” SH, 26/10/2020

“Another outstanding presentation and a superb tribute to our dear friend, Michael Baker.  Having worked with him on the Members’ Pathway with Tony, he would have been very proud of the content and his part in this critical endeavour.” ME, 26/10/2020

“Great advice for us to use. A very useful session.” AB, 26/10/2020

“Fabulous evening Tony, thank you!” MB, 26/10/2020

“A great presentation from Tony Harvey!” DH, 25/10/20

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session.” MM, 25/10/20

“Your message needs to be more widely accepted.” IL, 22/10/2020

“A fabulous presentation with thought provoking content and excellent responses to questions.  I think with your enthusiastic approach, which can be reflected by lodges, we can recover from this pandemic problem.” TN, 22/10/2020

“Great talk, greatly appreciate all your hard work.” GS, 19/10/2020

“A do not miss event, if you are concerned for the future you cannot do better than listen & learn.” CW, 16/10/2020

“Excellent lecture – great appreciation of all the effort expended by Tony Harvey.” MH, 16/10/2020

“The recent talk on “All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry” was truly enlightening. Thank you to all involved.” CJ, 7/10/2020

“A pleasure to hear Tony’s lectures.” MJ, 5/10/2020

“Fantastic presentation.” RB, 29/9/2020

“Thank you, Tony, for all your doing to inform more about the history of Freemasonry.” DP, 13/9/2020

“Super lecture, many days advancement in one evening.” GS, 9/9/2020

“Thank you, Tony, for another illuminating talk. It’s always a delight to hear your thoughts and processes.” SS, 5/9/2020

“Well researched excellent presentation.” AY, 3/9/2020

“Superb & Interesting Talk, thank you Tony.” JS, 2/9/2020

“Thanks! Great Lecture and really enjoyed the Q&A.” RM, 1/9/2020

“Another excellent lecture.” PM, 29/8/2020

“A great talk, please keep them coming.” SC, 28/8/2020

“May thanks for a very interesting lecture. Plenty of ideas given and look forward to more of the similar please. Excellent.” AW, 27/8/2020

“Excellent meeting the other evening on improving membership! I’m hoping I’ll be able to join some of your other events as they come up.” TT, 24/8/2020

“Thank you, Tony. I have found your lectures informative and useful.  I will be taking the learning to hopefully add value to my own lodge.” MC, 18/8/2020

“Tony, thank you for a very interesting talk on the “magic” of how to grow membership.” DG, 18/8/2020

“Tony, it was a delight to see you in action again – thank you. I am sure that the focus and clarity of your message will have stimulated all in attendance.” DA, 15/8/2020

“Wonderful lecture, Tony.  You are a superb orator. Best wishes and look forward to another lecture.” RR, 13/8/2020

“Thanks, Tony, for the excellent talk to Dore Masons last night.” JB, 22/7/2020

“Myself & the Province very grateful for your recent talks. Much appreciated and plenty of food for thought.” SB, 3/7/2020

“Great lecture in good company. Well done Tony.” BG, 16/6/2020

“We need more of this type of lecture particularly if relating to the future.” PB, 16/6/2020

“Tony, a very interesting lecture and well done on all the Q & A.” IMcD, 16/6/2020

“Good luck with your fund raising – many thanks for a great presentation last Saturday evening.” AA, 15/6/2020

“Thanks, Tony Harvey, for an excellent Lecture and presentation, lots of food for thought. Thankyou.” AO, 14/6/2020

“As always, stimulating and well presented.  Excellent facilitator.” SM, 12/6/2020

“Tony, superb lecture tonight – thoroughly enjoyed it – many thoughts to take away.” DS, 11/6/2020

“Many thanks for your excellent presentation to Suffolk Light Blues.” DG, 11/6/2020

“A superb lecture Tony with food for thought and then action to implement. Thanks also to Cheshire for hosting this.” DT, 10/6/2020

“Inspiring lecture!!  Great ideas to cascade to Lodge members.” SM, 10/6/2020

“Great talk on how to grow the membership of your Lodge. Thanks Tony.” RB, 9/6/2020

“Many thanks Tony, an excellent presentation. Lots of food for thought ….and action!” RF, 9/6/2020

“Thank you very much for the lecture and all your excellent work!” NS, 9/6/2020

“Thanks very much for tonight, Tony. The interaction leading up to this has been great fun and enlightening.” JM, 8/6/2020

“Dear Tony. A most thought provoking talk and very apt to what we are trying to do with one of my Lodges.” RW, 5/6/2020

“Thank you, W Bro Tony, for a very useful, interesting and thought provoking presentation. If we can additionally take on board your thought process we can all enhance our own experience, and for our newer brethren.  The content of your presentation was excellent.” DC, 5/6/2020

“Thank you, Tony, for sharing your vision for Freemasonry in the 21st Century.” TT, 5/6/2020

“Great Lecture and thanks for your work on Pathway …it really can make a difference!” BA, 5/6/2020

“As a new Mason I really enjoyed your thoughts on the future of Masonry and how we can be relevant in the future. Thank you.” RS, 5/6/2020

“Thank you Tony, a superb lecture.” SA, 3/6/2020

“Thank you, Tony, for a great lecture.” JH, 3/6/2020

“Our grateful thanks for a thought provoking lecture and interesting chat afterwards.” NMcG, 31/5/2020

“The silver lining of this pandemic has meant greater support for online lectures like this. Tony was professional and polished and I am very appreciative of the commitment, effort and time he has taken to support freemasonry for the good. It was a pleasure to watch and to take part in. I hope others from West Lancashire will support this project as I am doing now. Good luck Tony for the online conferences ahead.” JL, 30/5/2020

“Tony, thank you for an excellent lecture. The discussion afterwards and sharing of ideas and experience was great.” PM, 27/5/2020

“WBro. Tony Harvey’s lecture has given me much food for thought. Good Zoom lecture. Well done by a consummate Master!” RR, 27/5/2020

“Tony again, massive thank you for coming on board with Prorsum. We really enjoyed having you on and i feel a lot of Brethren from the Province has only taken positive thoughts away with them post call. We look forward to organising more with you at a future date. Thanks again.” MB, 25/5/2020

“Tremendous lecture from W Bro Harvey yesterday with Prorsum Semper – plenty of food for thought and a v good discussion afterwards – Words into action next!” DL, 23/5/2020

“Fantastic evening once again Tony! Thanks for all your efforts.” SR, 22/5/2020

“Great talk tonight, very informative and inspiring! Thankyou.” DO, 15/5/2020

“Excellent presentation on Managing Evolution & Change in the Lodge Tony. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would encourage as many as possible to hear what you have to say!!” JR, 15/5/2020

“Tony – thanks once again for a most interesting and insightful talk yesterday. I look forward to the next one!” SP, 6/5/2020

“Thank you for an excellent lecture. There were so many useful ideas to take away.” AG, 17/4/2020

“Great way to spend a couple of hours and managed a beer or two. Well done to all involved.” DG, 17/4/2020

“Amazing evening.” SR, 17/4/2020

“This will be the techy way to reach larger audiences – Brilliant as expected!” JC, 17/4/2020

“As always, a pleasure to listen to one of Tony’s lectures. Thanks Tony and Leeds Light Blue.” PW, 16/4/2020

“A most excellent and enjoyable interactive and modern innovation, necessary in the current circumstances.” TC, 16/4/2020