Seven habits of highly successful Lodges

Inspired by Stephen Covey’s self-help and management book, “Seven habits of highly effective people”, my “Seven habits of highly successful Lodges” list my observations of the key features most commonly found in successful Lodges. By successful I mean strong, happy, healthy and attractive Lodges that have good future prospects. 

While we have many “struggling” Lodges, we also have a great deal which are thriving, successfully attracting new members and engaging them in Freemasonry.

So, what are these Lodges doing and what can the rest of us learn from them?

  1. Great ritual and ceremonial
  1. Good management
  1. Active support for newer members
  1. Engagement of all members
  1. Distinctive features that evolve
  1. Harmony
  1. Leadership, energy and enthusiasm

None of these seven habits are new and none should come as a surprise.  However, if your Lodge is struggling this list might help you think afresh about your way forward. 

If your Lodge is struggling, please use the Members’ Pathway.  It will help you review your Lodge and its practices, to agree a Lodge plan and then attract, introduce and engage members.  The Members’ Pathway can be found online at

Look out for my book, “7-habits of highly successful Lodges: a guide to managing Lodges in the 21st century.