The (second) birth of a Masonic book

If your main interest is in my upcoming talks, here is the list of confirmed dates. 

May I emphasise the five talks I am delivering this week?  Five different titles for five different hosts on three continents, all of which have spaces available (at least they do as I write this) and all of whom would value your support.

Please click on the links in the title of each to go to the booking page.  If there is no link, it is either because plans are in the early stages or it is a private event.

If you are curious to know about my latest activities, please read on after the list of talks below.

DateBSTTitleHost Province / District / Grand Lodge
24/8/2018.00The Royal Arch: what is it all about?British Chapter 334South Africa Western Division
25/08/2019.00Is belief in a Supreme Being really essential?Strathearn Lodge 4965Durham
26/08/2019.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesCheshire MMFCheshire
27/8/2019.00Freemasonry: does it live up to expectations?Five of Nine ClubWarwickshire
29/8/2019.00The future of Freemasonry: evolution & changeSt Paul’s Lodge 374Montreal & Halifax
1/9/2019.00Freemasonry: does it live up to expectations?Love & Unity Lodge 5354Met GL
2/9/2018.30The historic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal ArchDevonshire MarkDevonshire Mark
4/9/2019.30All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry (but didn’t know how to ask)Corinthian ClubWest Lancs
11/9/2019.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesSolomon GroupShropshire
12/9/20Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Baden-Powell Lodge 465Grand Lodge of Argentina
23/9/2019.30The Royal Arch: what is it all about?West KentWest Kent
25/9/2019.00Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?OWFOrder of Women Freemasons
28/9/2018.30Seven habits of highly successful LodgesNorthants & HuntsNorthants & Hunts
29/09/2019.00All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry (but didn’t know how to ask)Cheshire MMFCheshire
6/10/20Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?Hope of Kurrachee 337Fie & Kinross
7/10/2018.30Seven habits of highly successful LodgesStaffs Membership Strategy GroupStaffordshire
29/10/2019.00The Royal Arch: what is it all about?Cheshire Area 4Cheshire
31/10/2011.00All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry (but didn’t know how to ask)North East Corner ClubBuckinghamshire

Looking back

The last week seems to have been full of planning meetings for future talks.  The great thing about these is that I get to know the people who have invited me, along with their tech support and other members of their Lodge, Province, District or Club.  That helps build rapport and pays off when it comes to the vent itself.  So this week I have been “meeting” brethren from the Order of Women Freemasons, Devonshire Mark, Warwickshire 5 of 9 Club and Strathearn Lodge. 

I have had other meetings with my Kindred Lodges Association brethren, to plan our virtual interactive workshop at the 2020 Gilwell Reunion, The Scout Association’s annual event for adults in Scouting.  This is exciting.  For the last few years we have had a stand at the live event but a workshop gives us a chance to get a consistent message out to interested and curious parties, and to engage with them in a Q&A.

I have also had a great time delivering talks to Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire Light Blues Clubs and having online informal meetings with Pioneer Lodge & Chapter 9065 (my mother Craft & RA units), Lodge of Unity Peace & Concord 316 (the KLA’s Installed Masters’ Lodge) and Peak Council RSM 184.

For all these meetings and talks, brethren, I thank you so much.  Being in contact in this way is helping keep me sane as I go into my twenty-third week of shielding.

During the last week, my talk for the “Freemasons without Borders” Facebook group, “The narrative and symbolic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal Arch” was published on YouTube and has already had 318 views.  You can see it here:

This follows another talk on the historic links, which has had 1.2K views so far, and can be seen here:

Looking forward

So, the coming week is going to be dominated by giving five talks.  In between I will be working on a new book.  Back in 2013 Lewis Masonic commissioned me to write a book based on my talk, “Seven habits of highly successful Lodges.”  I delayed the commission to work on the Members’ Pathway.  Now that I have written a lot more material on Lodge development, I am returning to my book project.  I shall be editing rather than writing from scratch, and I plan to incorporate Masonic use of my Success Cycle model of leadership and change.  Keep watching this space for news!

Thank you once again, brethren.  Have a good week.

Onwards and upwards.


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