A tough week, a great audience, a disappointment, a celebration and an eye to the future

The current dates of my forthcoming online talks are:

DateBSTTitleHostBooking link
04/08/2018.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesRising Star Lodgehttps://shohsl-ofs.eventbrite.co.uk
06/08/2018.00The Royal Arch: what is it all about?Lyceum Lodge of Researchhttps://wiiaa-lyceum.eventbrite.co.uk
09/08/2019.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesGoose & Gridiron N&YMChttps://shohsl-ggywr.eventbrite.co.uk
11/08/2018.00The narrative and symbolic links between the Craft, Mark & Royal Arch“Freemasons without Borders”Handled by Freemasons without Borders
13/08/2019.30Seven habits of highly successful LodgesWest KentProvincial page
15/08/2019.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesSouth America NDhttps://shohsl-sand.eventbrite.co.uk
18/08/2019.00How to grow the membership of your LodgeOxon Light Blues Clubhttps://howto-oxonlbc.eventbrite.co.uk
20/08/2019.00How to grow the membership of your LodgeBedfordshire Light Blueshttps://howto-bedslbc.eventbrite.co.uk
25/08/20 Is belief in a Supreme Being really essential?Strathearn Lodge 4965To be agreed
26/08/2019.00Seven habits of highly successful LodgesCheshire MMFhttps://shohsl-cheshire.eventbrite.co.uk
04/09/2019.30All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry (but didn’t know how to ask)Corinthian Club, West LancsInternal event
23/09/2019.30The Royal Arch: what is it all about?West KentProvincial page
29/09/2019.00All you ever wanted to know about Freemasonry (but didn’t know how to ask)Cheshire MMFhttps://ayewtkaf-cheshire1.eventbrite.co.uk

Please check my website regularly https://prestonian2012.org.uk/upcoming-talks/ for updates.

Last Wednesday I delivered my fourth talk for Cheshire Masters’ & Masons’ Forum (MMF) since we started having Zoom meetings.  It was the second time I have delivered, “The future of Freemasonry: evolution & change” for them.  As always with Cheshire MMF, a great audience with a lively and interesting Q&A session.

One attendee wrote to tell me he was disappointed I had not proposed further specific changes in the fabric of Freemasonry.  The objective of my talk is to encourage Lodges to take stock of their situation and plan their own change, not to present a personal manifesto for the whole of Freemasonry.  However, I did encourage him to prepare his own talk to share his thoughts. He has since come back and said that his frustration is more to do with his own Lodge. I directed him to the Members’ Pathway and suggested he seek support from his Provincial Membership Officer.

On Thursday we had a very productive meeting to discuss the Kindred Lodge Association’s (KLA’s) future presence at Scouting’s annual Gilwell Reunion.  We made a good start on a plan and agreed to continue after a period of reflection and creative thinking over the next two weeks.

For me this has been the toughest week since I started shielding in March.  On the one hand, imagining a release from this situation is at times uplifting.  At others it only highlights that I cannot foresee when I can go beyond my front gate and travel, meet friends and see great places.

Just when I was at a low point came the best news. 

Our daughter, Caroline, had passed all her exams in her Legal Practice Course and so had qualified for the City Law School Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, with a commendation.  This was the latest step in her long-held ambition for a career in law.  She is currently working on her dissertation to turn the qualification in to a Master of Laws (LLM) degree and then she will be looking for placements and ultimately a training contract to qualify as a Solicitor.  Hopefully they will be in London, in which case she will probably still be working part-time in the Pillars!  Diane and I are so proud of her and held a garden celebration yesterday fit for the occasion!

The week ahead will include two talks for Lodges in South Africa and various other Zoom planning meetings.  I do hope to see you on one or more of them. 

Please keep an eye on https://prestonian2012.org.uk/upcoming-talks/ for latest dates.

Onwards and upwards.

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